Don't tug on Superman's Cape

A lot of thanks to Petra for typing the words! 

Lois Lane
Clark Kent / Superman
Perry White
Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent


Don't worry. I'll have you out of that thin' in no time.

What do I thin'? Lois, I thin' you got some 'splainin' to do!
Clarkie, we're gonna be partners and we're gonna be married. I wanna be part of the act!
Loiiis! There a thin's I do, you can't do! Me Superman!
Me Superwife!
Us 'super' in trouble! Could you two argue about this later and get us outta here?

Clark? Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just dreaming, I think. What's up?


I am not wearing a bullet-proof vest!
I want you protected.
Chief, I don't think Superman's gonna let anything happen to us.
I don't see him here now. Do you?

What is it?
S.T.A.R. Labs. Something's happening.
What, maybe it's Bad Brain. Can I go?
Oh c'mon, Clark. Why do we go through this? We both know I'm gonna go.
Then why'd you ask?
Try to be nice.

Why would you have kryptonite?
Dr. Klein's working on a radiation therapy. It's like a vaccine. If we counteract its effects, then it won't be a problem any longer.
If we find a vaccine?! Clark ...
Why would you let that stuff anywhere near you? You know, get rid of it, throw it into the sun. Of course - now, you can't throw it into the sun, because Bad Brain Johnson has stolen it, he could have pointed it at your fixed skull right now.
Okay, you're angry.
Yes! Don't you think you should have told me?
I don't know! I don't know how this works! Are two people supposed to tell each other everything?
Yes, I think, two people, who are considering getting --- who are considering doing what ---- Don't they?
Wait a minute, are we talking about what we decided not to talk about?
No, we're not discussing marriage, because that combined with other unusual aspects of our relationship is making us both crazy.
And so, no - we should not discuss it.
Okay, fine. So we won't.
Fine! And that leaves us ... where?
With this clue.
Great. Clue.


The name is Man. Super Man!

What's the matter?
It's not fair!
What isn't?
Did you ever notice, in all those movies, James Bond did all the driving?!
Nothing. It's just when you get down on it, he did what he did alone. The cars were all that matterd. The women were hood ornaments.
They weren't ... part of the act.
Well ... yeah ... what made you say that?
No reason.

What'd you tell 'em the interview's about?
'How you, too, can archive total and perpetual bliss with the one you love'
Good, I was wondering how that worked.

Are these guys for real?
Why not? They seem just like us. They never fight, they think exactly alike...

Anyway, they don't seem like criminals, but what do I know?
These glasses fooled me for two years. Ah boy, what a dope.

Well, is it your fault that I picked such a brilliant disquise?
Wait a minute: Where's Lois Lane? She was just standing here a second ago?
Are we okay?
Yeah, we're okay, I think. Aren't we?
Yeah, I guess so. I just have this strangest nightmare-like flash about us today...
You, too? Cause I had a nightmare about us.
I don't get it. I thought we stopped talking about - you know - so we wouldn't have this pressure.
Maybe we should just stop talking, period.




This is where you keep the suits.
Kept. My mom is gonna kill me.
I thought they were indestructible?
Only when I'm wearing 'em. Anything close to me is contained in an aura that extends a few millimeters from my skin.
Oh, thanks for keeping me close.
This time. Listen, Lois. That machine mistook you for me. That means that Bad Brain will be coming for you next.
I'll be ready.
You'll be outta reach.
Oh no no no, you listen to me, partner.
No, Superman doesn't have a partner!
I'm talking to Clark.
Lois, please don't make my job any harder than it has to be.
I'm not gonna disappear.
I know, I know. But, how do you feel about a vacation in this great little outta-the-way-place that I  know...

Almost finished.
I'm surprised you had so much material, mum?
Well, to tell the truth, I got it on special.

I'm sure you guys are working this stuff out if you're talking about marriage. Oh, I forgot. You're not. Talking about it.
We just desided to give it a little rest. It  was making us both a little nuts.
You see how things change, Martha? In our days it would driven us nuts not to talk about it.
Ah, Lord yes. I was so nervous about getting married. If I held in my silly little fears, they would've become ... Gigantic.
Maybe you would've even had nightmares...

Where's Lois? What's happend? ... NOOOO!

It's a trap!
I know.
They have kryptonite.
I don't care.

(Tim Lake:) The only way for you to save her - is to join our collection.
Don't do it.
It's the only way to keep you alive.
Would you stop? The world needs you!
And I need you.
You'll be trapped. Caged.
I'm being with you.

This isn't exactly how I pictured us getting old together. You gave up everything in your life. For me.
Without you, it wouldn't have been a life.
I was thinking.

Little things. All this stupid little things I let bother me.

Things I kept inside and let keep us apart.
I know ... I was the same way.
Your parents were right. Not talking about our fears just made 'em worse than they are.
I guess you don't really wanna be Superman, do you...?
No. I guess you think of me as more than a hood ornament....
I don't even own a car. - God, I wish I could touch you.
You can touch me - with your words.
Ever since we met, actually ever since I took the time to listen, something about you always made sense to me.

Even when a huge part of you didn't make any sense, there was a part deep down that - that did.
That's the part that touches me. And make sense out of life.
I know, I know ...

What if it doesn't work?
It's all semi-theoretical.
It's semi-suicidal! Okay tell me the truth. Could it kill you?
I don't know.
A few hours ago you weren't willing to let me die for you! So why should I let you die for me?!
At least this has a chance, Lois. That's what you and I together are all about - taking a chance.
See, it doesn't work! Clark, it's just too hard.
Remember. I love you.
No! Clark. Don't!

Come back to me. - You did it! You did it!

So what do I do?
Touch the force field.
I'll stop the circuit before it closes.
Are you sure you're faster than electricity?
Yeah Yeah, I know ... take a chance. Okay, so I'll go on three. You know 'one, two, oomph!'
Yeah, I'm  - I'm not gonna say 'three!'
Okay, here it goes...

If you want a life time contract, just see me.
Actually, we're working on that.