And the answer is...


Lois Lane
Clark Kent / Superman
Jimmy Olsen
Martha Kent


Hang on, Clark. - It's open!
I'll be out in a minute. You're a little early.
I know.  It's just... there's something I want to talk to you about.

Lois... I have something to tell you... I'm Superman.

Lois, have you ever noticed how much I look like Superman?  Well, it's funny you should say that, because...

Hey!  Guess what?  I'm Superman!

Lois... I've wanted to tell you this for some time.  Before we go any further in our relationship, you have to know that I'm...
What are you doing?
I uh... uh... I've got something to tell you.
It's not good news, is it.
Well, I don't know.  Maybe.
No, it's not.  I can tell by your face.
Maybe you'd better sit down.
Oh yeah. This is good news.
You know how you always complain that I run out on you Just when we're starting to talk about something important?
I recall mentioning it once or twice.

Well, there's a reason for that.  And it has nothing to do with my having a fear of intimacy, or being afraid of falling in love, or anything like that.
Lois... I might as well say this honestly and simply... (deep breath) I'm Super- (phone rings) Maybe you should just answer that.

Who was it?
Huh?  Oh, uh... my barber...
Your barber?
Yeah.  Confirming my appointment. I've got to go.
Wait a minute!  You were about to tell me something.
I was?
Yes.  You said Lois, I'm super...
Right, right.  I'm ... super late... for my haircut! (he rises) And I'm sorry, but I can't go to breakfast with you.
But I'll see you at the office and maybe we can have lunch? Okay?
I gotta go. Bye.

Clark?  Is that you? - I know that look. What's wrong?
Someone found out I'm Superman.
Oh my God...

That must be some story.
Seen enough?
Uh... you're not actually going to say those things to C.K...

are you?

Hi, Jimmy!
Nice coat. - Although a flak jacket might have been a better call.
You only wish.
I think we need to talk.
You read my mind.  Or my screen.
Look, I owe you an explanation...
Don't.  I can't listen to another stupid story about your barber, or your doctor, or you just remembered you have a library book due! (exhales, then) What you owe me is respect.  I'm tired of the lies, Clark.  What kind of relationship can we have if you're not honest with me?
I've always been honest with you Lois, except for one thing. And when I tell you what it is... well, I hope you'll understand.
What is it?
Lois, I'm...
Jimmy! Can't you see we're talking?!
I'm sorry, but there's someone on line one for Clark.
Take a message, Jimmy.
Okay.  But he said you'd want to talk with him. Something about a dumpster.
I'm sorry.  I have to take this.
Wait a minute.  A dumpster?  You have to take a call about a dumpster over me?!
Lois, please...
You pick that up now...
Lois... I have to.

Oh, looking to buy me something?
Um, I... forgot to get an anniversary present for my folks. I've gotta get one before the stores close.
Good idea.  You better take care of that.
You're not mad?

At what?
That once again I'm running off?
Why should I be?  Doctor Friskin really helped set me straight an this.  I've come to realize, and accept, that we both have separate lives.  No matter how involved we are, or become, it's perfectly all right for us to sometimes do things apart.
(Clark dashes off)

You look good in black. Perfect for your skin tones.  Perfect for a funeral, maybe yours.  Perfect for robbing a jewelry store.
Lois, I can explain.
I thought I knew you.  I thought you were decent and straight-up and good.  I thought you were the last honest man.  I thought you were... you were... I thought you ware Clark Kent... Who are you?
Mom and Dad have been kidnapped.

Mom and Dad have b --
So that's why you ran out this morning.  That's why you robbed the jewelry store...
He threatened to kill them.  I had to rob that store...
Have you called the police?  The FBI?
I can't take that chance, Lois.
So, he's letting them go now?
I don't think so.

I think he wants more.
Clark, I'm so sorry.... I'll do anything I can to help...
Thank you, Lois.

Same nose, same chin, same glasses. Where were you last night from, say, nine o'clock on?
He was with me.
Sergeant, you _know_ us.  Do you really think I'd commit a burglary? Do you really think Lois would lie about it?

No. No, I don't.  But you've got a double out there somewhere, Kent.

You wait here.
When pigs fly.

Bring the body.  Your new assignment is to kill Lois Lane.

That was him... Jace... wasn't it?
Lois, don't --
What'd he say to you? - What did he say, Clark?
He wants you dead... in thirty minutes... or he's going to kill my parents.
It's Nigel... we got too close.
I want you to get out of town. Get on a plane, go far...
No... I have an idea...

Lois - -
Find Superman and have him meet me at my apartment.
Lois! Stop!

Everything's going to be all right.

Freeze you?
Like cryogenics... people who fall in frozen lakes but get revived? You freeze me with your breath, fast -- I've seen you do it a hundred times -- then it looks like I'm dead, you bring the body and --
Lois, do you have any idea how dangerous that is?  There could be arterial ruptures, permanent brain damage... you could die.
Yes.  I could die.  But Clark's parents _will_ die unless we help. - Please, Superman.  You haven't seen him... (crying) ... you don't know what he's going through. - He needs me and I've never needed you more than right now - you can't turn me down - you can't.

All right.
If anything happens, tell Clark I love him.
He knows, but I will.  Close your eyes.

The way you -- you touched --
Close your eyes.

Oh, no... Lois...


Lois, come back, you come back to me... - You come back now! Do you hear me, Lois, don't go!  Don't go!  Fight!

You are not dying an me, you are not giving up, now breathe! You breathe, dammit!

(racking cough)
That's right, that's it... Oh, my God...
You were calling... I heard you calling...
Shhhhhhh, shhhhhh...

Lois, I've been thinking...

Me too.
What about?
You first.

I've been thinking about how when something bad happens, it makes you realize that most of what you spend your days worrying about doesn't matter at all... - Almost losing you the way I did, I... I feel ashamed.
Ashamed, why?
I kept pushing you away, even when I promised I'd stop.  And if you'd died not knowing how much I love you, I'd've never forgiven myself. Because you are the most beautiful, unique soul I've ever come across.

Lois...(It starts to thunder and lightning) Oh, come on, give me a break here...

Do you want to go back?

If the Earth opened up at my feet, I wouldn't move till I'd finished saying this.


will you marry me?